Wednesday 26 October 2011

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Pres. Obama To Make An Announcement In Denver

In his second presidential appearance in Colorado in a month, White House officials have confirmed that President Barack Obama will discuss student loans and make an announcement about college affordability on Auraria’s campus at 10:45 a.m. Wednesday.

While the president will spend tonight attending two fundraisers at the Pepsi Center, approximately 700 lined up for tickets on the Auraria campus to see President Obama Wednesday according to a Denver Post report. All 4,000 of the tickets being given out to college students were taken by 11 a.m. and several roads downtown are due to be closed Wednesday because of the event.

“You hope the message is one of hope and one of support and one of recognition of sacrifice they’re making, not only in the classroom but financially. I think they’d be encouraged by that,” Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at the University of Colorado Denver Raul Cardenas told the Post.

As the president makes his western tour through Colorado, California and Nevada this week, a couple ads will also be entering the internet and airwaves. One is in Spanish, paid for by the Democratic National Committee and blames Republicans for blocking the president’s American Jobs Act–which he spoke about last time he was in Colorado in September–and the other ad is paid for by the Republican National Committee, blaming the president for the lack of jobs.

“While Obama brings his new campaign slogan to town, Coloradans have been waiting for President Obama to follow through on his promises since his 2008 DNC Convention speech in Denver,” Colorado GOP Chairman Ryan Call said in a statement.

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