Real Estate Training in New South Wales
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Accredited training in real estate can lead to a flexible, well paid career helping individuals and businesses achieve their goals.

A quality real estate education will provide you with a large number of career options. Some important roles will include home sales, home buying, commercial and rural property sales, property management, auctioneering and property consulting.

The first step of your real estate career is to complete the NSW course in property practice which is required by the New South Wales Office of Fair Trading. The completetion of this course leads to a Certificate of Registration and this qualification will allow you to work in the areas of sales or property management for a real estate agency in NSW.

The course includes the following modules:
Work in the real estate sector
Prepare for work in the property industry
Communicate effectively and accurately with clients

The NSW course in property practice must be delivered by a registered training organisation (RTO) and students may be able to choose a mode of study. For example some course providers such as Smart Academy offer a consecutive 3 day seminar course or you may choose to complete the course by distance education at your own pace within a 3 month period.

The next step in your real state career path involves obtaining your NSW Real Estate Agents Licence. This qualification will allow you to manage your own real estate agency.

The Licence course consists of 17 units which are recognised nationally. These include the 3 units from the NSW Course in Property Practice which you would already have completed if you hold a current NSW Certificate of Registration. Some registered course providers will allow you choose to complete this course as an intensive program, an after hour workshop program, or instead by flexible distance education.

Both certificate and licence holders are also required to undertake continuing professional development (CPD) courses before qualifications are renewed each year in order to keep the qualifications up to date.

Smart Academy provides accredited real estate training for your property career including both Certificate and Licence courses plus CPD course subjects with flexible delivery modes.

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