Saturday 02 April 2011

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Student Columnist Compares Illegal Aliens To Home Intruders

A student newspaper op-ed arguing citizenship status should not be granted to children of illegal immigrants “has spurred an outcry from some students and faculty” at Florida’s Rollins College.

At the start of the piece, published late last week in the Sandspur, freshman student writer Jamie Pizzi compares illegal aliens to home intruders. An accompanying image sticks with the metaphor, showing a green alien creature wearing someone else’s clothes, relaxing and channel-surfing in someone else’s home.

In Pizzi’s words, “‘[A]nchor babies,’ as they are commonly referred, gain full citizenship from simply being born on American soil, and they are entitled to all the same benefits as you and I, including: free public school educations, financial aid for college and even Medicaid. . . . When our own citizens are struggling to afford adequate health care and public schools become more and more crowded, we should not even consider keeping birthright citizenship. . . . America has a crucial decision to make: continue to attract those who want a free ride, or return to a time where America attracted only the best and the brightest to its golden shores.”

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