Sunday 15 January 2012

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Campus carry bill stalls in surprise incursion on Senate bill – Austin American-Statesman

San Marcos Mercury
Campus carry bill stalls in surprise incursion on Senate bill
Austin American-Statesman
Senate Higher Education Committee Chairman Judith Zaffirini, D-Laredo, withdrew her Senate Bill 5 from further debate after Sen. Jeff Wentworth offered the so-called campus-carry bill as an amendment. The campus-carry bill has the support of 20
Senator tries to revive handguns-on-campus billDallas Morning News (blog)
Senator tries again on campus concealed weapons bill, but vote delayed againThe Republic
Guns on campus makes brief Senate showAustin News

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One Comment

  1. Someothername says:

    Good this will save money


    if the school can’t be held liable for damages, that’s ZERO RISK as opposed to currently they CAN be sued if someone steals a gun from my car and uses it … so Insurance should decrease if this bill is passed

    a) A court may not hold the state, …liable for damages ..

    (b) A cause of action in damages may not be brought against

    1) Guns ARE already allowed ON CAMPUS, JUST NOT IN BUILDINGS, secured and concealed like they are everywhere else in private businesses whose rates did NOT increase for “failing” to post a 30.06 sign.

    2) The bills provide IMMUNITY for campuses , which they currently DO NOT HAVE even though guns are already allowed on campus.

    SINCE guns are already on campus and since they’d have a new IMMUNITY from liability, the risk of suits decreases as would insurance premiums.

    Insurance is a risk-based business.

    Less risk = less premium.

    Guns are already on campus, stored in cars for burglars to get, no increased risk, actually, decreased risk if carried safe and secure and concealed than if stored in cars for burglars..

    Immunity from lawsuits = less risk

    Less risk = less premium.

    Germane because:
    Lowered Insurance premiums relates to the …. you guessed it
    “administration and business affairs of public institutions of higher education”


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