Sunday 14 August 2011

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The 10 Best College Music Events In the Country

As any savvy collegiette™ knows, college is not just about hitting the books. More memorable than late nights at the library and early morning exams are campus music festivals, bringing all of campus together with one simple goal in mind — to unwind to the tune of live music. Grab a pair of stunner shades and some sunscreen and check out some of the best college music events in the country. You just might have to think about applying for transfer, or at least piling into a car with a few of your girlfriends for an end of the year road trip.

Crawfest—Tulane University
Crawfest might sound like your average gathering for seafood aficionados, but it’s so much more than that. The festival is a yearly blowout of food, art and music that draws Tulane collegiettes™ and New Orleans locals alike every April.

“It’s days like Crawfest that make me wonder how you could go to school anywhere else,” said Catherine Combs, Tulane collegiette™.

Now in its fifth year of glory, Crawfest has gone from taking up one small quad on the Tulane campus to filling two quads with eager crowds. Anyone who attends will be treated to live music on three separate stages, stand after stand of local street vendors, a rock climbing wall for the daring of heart and, of course, 16,000 pounds of fresh crawfish.

“The entire Tulane and New Orleans community converge,” Catherine said. “Everyone is there to enjoy.”

Crawfest’s unlimited food and drink are free to Tulane staff and students and only per person otherwise.

Slope Day—Cornell University
If you’re wondering why Cornell decided on the name “Slope Day” for their legendary end of year celebration, look no further than the giant grassy slope found at the center of campus. Held yearly on the last day of classes each spring, Slope Day sets a carefree tone just in time for finals weeks and welcomes Cornell students, faculty, alumni and friends to kick back and enjoy the show!

This spring, Slope Day-goers will experience the musical stylings of none other than Nelly, Ra Ra Riot and The Cool Kids. Past Slope Day headliners have included Gym Class Heroes, Kanye West, The Pussycat Dolls and Ben Folds.

“It’s a huge day of drinking and blowing off steam before finals,” said Cara Sprunk, former Cornell collegiette™ and managing editor at Her Campus.

In the event that music isn’t enough to satisfy your pre-finals entertainment palate, swing by Slope Fest, a carnival held alongside Slope Day where you can try your luck at games or grab a bite to eat.

Lawnparties—Princeton Universiy
Each semester, Princeton collegiettes™ flock to this event to see live music performances and either start off the year right in September or relieve a little end-of-the-semester stress in May. As thoughts of term papers and final exams loom over them, Princeton students are more than ready to experience the free entertainment while lounging on the grass by Quadrangle, the dining club where Lawnparties will be held this year on May 2nd.

Last semester, Princeton welcomed B.O.B. and the Super Smash Brothers to campus. Wiz Khalifa and Big K.R.I.T. will take to the stage this May.

While the music at Lawnparties can’t be missed, it’s not the only draw for Princetonians.

“As a cheap college student, I absolutely love the free food at Lawnparties,” said Ajibike Lapite, Princeton collegiette™.

Tigerfest—Towson University
Towson University’s mascot-inspired Tigerfest is a can’t miss, go-all-out school spirit event for Towson collegiettes™ and their classmates. This outdoor concert starts at noon and continues into the wee hours of the night, leaving concert-goers with plenty of time to check out the major headliner, carnival games and food vendors while picking up some free swag.

This year, Towson invited Reel Big Fish, Far East Movement and Brand New to campus. These bands will play to a crowd of several thousand at Johnny Unitas Stadium, Towson’s football field. Last year Tigerfest was swarmed by almost 5,000 people, and an even bigger crowd is expected for Friday.

“I love how much school spirit there is during Tigerfest,” said Alexandra Pannoni, Towson University student. “Everyone comes out and it’s a really fun time.”

Alexandra has heard Tigerfest legends from her father who went to Towson during the 70’s. It’s an institution, and Towson collegiettes™ know there’s no better way to show their tiger pride.

“The great thing about Tigerfest is that it is a great event for everyone to attend, even those that don’t drink,” Alexandra said. “It’s nice to have something that everyone can participate in and have a good time at.”


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