Sunday 01 January 2012

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10 Highest-Paying Jobs Right Out of College

What do you mean, no more student discount?! Graduation (along with flowers, cards and photos) brings with it a few unsettling novelties, including an end to Thirsty Thursdays and a sudden expectation that we have the money to pay full price. And though we’ll surely miss the Friday morning hangovers, having to fork over the same stacks of cash as adults in the Real World is what hits us where it hurts. How can we avoid starvation after graduation while still managing to live on our own and work off our student debts?

Let’s take a deep breath. There will be no end to mani/pedis and end-of-summer shopping sprees. According to CareerBliss and, there is a way to live comfortably right out of college. We report to you 10 of the highest-paying entry-level jobs for college graduates that are sure to afford you both some debt-induced stress relief and a few trips to Bloomingdale’s.


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