Thursday 24 November 2011

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WATCH: Chilling Video Of Students Confronting UC Davis Chancellor

A crowd of UC Davis students confronted chancellor Linda Katehi in the wake of an incident that occurred between protesters and campus police on Friday.

According to reports, police unleashed pepper spray on a group of students protesers who were part of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Video footage of the protest shows that students were sitting quietly when police began to show off a can of pepper spray before dousing the students.

Katehi held a press conference on Saturday to address the incident. Students began to surround the building in protest and she reportedly refused to leave amid safety concerns. Finally, the students cleared a path for her to exit. As she walked back to her car, surrounded by students, some began to ask her questions, which she mostly brushed off

“Chancellor, do you still feel threatened by the students?” someone asked. She replied, “no” and a companion said that “we’ve asked for it to be a silent, respectful exit.”

Katehi will address the students directly on Monday.

The officers’ behavior has sparked outrage among the Occupy Wall Street and UC Davis communities. Two involved officers have reportedly been put on administrative leave and students have even called for the chancellor’s resignation.


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