Critical Essay
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A critical essay is characterized by careful evaluation and judgment of the criticized material. Critical essays should display the writer’s attitude towards the criticized material, and it does not necessarily mean the captious objection or denial of the author’s point. Ideally, critical essay should represent the unbiased, objective and impartial evaluation of a literary work, article or book, demonstrating the writer’s coherence and familiarity with the criticized material. Each critical analysis should include the following primary constituents:

- summary of the primary ideas, concepts and points of view stated in the criticized work (main idea, facts, values, suggestions, etc.);
- objective evaluation of the criticized work (assessment of presented factual material, arguments and values).

While writing a critical essay, it is necessary to take into account the possible alternative opinions and give way to plausible argument. A critical essay should display objective evaluation, and not the writer’s personal sensations about the work. Therefore, each statement or judgment should be reinforced by evidence/direct quotations from the criticized material. Each quotation should be properly referenced in accordance with the given citation style. Critical evaluation means proofs, critical thinking and discussion. The writer should keep professional and unbiased tone, avoiding any stylistic errors and inconsistencies.


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