Independent schools for the spread of education
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The term independent school is quite closer in meaning to private schools as similar to the private schools the independent schools are not reliant upon any for of state or national government sponsored funding for the running of the school. In most cases, the independent schools receive their basic funding from the donations or gifts and also the tuition fees as submitted by the students of the schools. Therefore it is evident that the independent schools are free form any form of government interference in the regulation of their activities. It has been noticed that while certain independent schools may conform to religious affiliations, most of these schools are free from any from religious or cultural bondage in the field of imparting education. In the United States of America, a small section of the population receives education in the independent schools. The major authority which supervises the mode of functioning of the independent schools in the United States of America is the National Association of Independent Schools or NAIS. Therefore, it is quite evident that there are certain rules and regulations which have been devised by the National Association of Independent Schools to which all the independent schools have to conform to.

First and foremost, all independent schools need to have a well developed and organized training and teaching program which is individual in characteristic and which has the capability of facilitating the motto of the school. In case of government schools, it has often been noticed that there is significant amount of interference from the state or national governments in the recruiting if teachers or the student body. However, the primary purpose of independent schools should be to ensure that no such discrimination or bias be maintained at the times of staff and student selection. Before the independent school begins functioning, an efficient working body should be set up which is entrusted with the task of setting down the primary plan of the school, its mission and goals, its motto, various policies and most importantly the financing of the school. Suitable qualifications should also be notified that the teachers are expected to conform to and it is this authorial body which is also responsible for recruiting a suitable and experiences head for running the schools and its educational policies efficiently. All this is finally followed by the accreditation or authorization of an official body which may be a state run body or a regional authority but it must be recognized by the National Association of Independent Schools.


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