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Best Way To Learn Spanish

Depending on where you live there are all sorts of reasons to learn Spanish. If you live in North America then there are obvious advantages to learning to speak Spanish. In the United States there are large communities of Spanish speaking people. In many of these communities much business is done in Spanish. So to be a constructive part of these communities a basic grasp of Spanish would be useful. And of course many of North Americas southern neighbors and the islands surrounding the continent speak Spanish as their native language.

In Europe, Spain is a popular tourist destination or place to settle for retired people, so a grasp of Spanish would improve your time spent in the country.

So, if you have decided to learn Spanish then, like most people you want to learn it fast. The best part of speaking a new language is being able to speak to people. Until you can do this with a degree of comfort, you may find learning Spanish boring or dull.

Learning vocabulary is never that exciting as we are not used to learning a language through rote methods. Learning grammar is even worse because it may have no intuitive sense to it, so you have to learn it as a set of rules.

Learning grammar and vocabulary via these methods are alien to how we learned our native languages. We picked them up through repetition and ultimately a desire to use the language.

This is obvious when you see a young child or baby learning their native language. The child hears his mother speaking words. Eventually he gets the meaning of the words. He soon wants to take part in the conversation. He has the desire to take part.

He may make fumbling attempts to speak the language initially. He watches as his mother forms the words and tries to copy her. Eventually he can say a few words. They may not sound exactly right but he refines the pronunciation by watching and listening to people around him until it sounds right.

When he gets to the stage where he is forming simple sentences then it is safe to say he understands all the basic building blocks to learning a language. From this point his ability to speak will increase at a rapid rate.

He will start using new words in basic sentences and get positive responses from the people around him. His confidence will soar and he will become quite adventurous. He will listen to songs, watch the TV and listen to his parents and siblings. His lifelong trip to learning his native language has started. You never stop learning a language.

This method is replicated when learning a new language by immersing oneself in the language. Immersion learning typically involves going to a country where the language you desire to learn is spoken.

As scary as it may sound you are a baby again, in a country where all the words make no sense. (well it's probably not that bad, as you may already have some idea of basic words and you can still communicate through body language and pointing) But the main learning strategies are established in this method.

You are exposed to the language all the time. In order to communicate you have to speak it. In order to speak it you have to have the desire. And believe me, if you are living in a country where you don't have the language you have the desire.

All the barriers, like looking stupid or not knowing how to say something, drop away when you know that you have to speak to communicate. You understand the reason for learning a word or a sentence. It jumps out of a textbook and has a real application.

Learning a second language is never easy and you will feel like an idiot at times. However the desire to communicate should get you through. If you take classes in a Spanish speaking country you will also have the support network to help you through these tricky times.

So in my opinion the best way to learn to speak Spanish fast is to go to a Spanish speaking country and take a course. If possible stay in the country after the course has finished. Ideally, you should work and live there for a few months. This will do wonders for your understanding of the language. Continue to study the language. You never stop learning.


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