Thursday 11 August 2011

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Waiting On A Train That May Never Come: Get A Degree Today!

We are always waiting on something. We say, “as soon as that happens, then I can do this.” I was talking with my Dad and he asked me when I was getting married.  He asked because he wanted to warn me  about a dear friend of his who had gotten married back in the 60′s and planned on having kids.  He ended up getting drafted for Vietnam and by the time he came back, his wife was unable to bear children.  It’s tempting for anyone to wait on making important decisions for the “perfect time.”

I guess the simple truth is that there is no perfect time for anything we do.  Sure, some things have better timing than other things, but you never really know and in some circumstances, you can not stop what is coming.  As Radiohead reminds us  in one of their classic songs, “you can try the best you can, you can try the best you can, the best you can is good enough.”

I think a lot of our choices in life are more open-ended than we think, kind of like waiting on a train that may or may not ever come.  Things like, faith and effort and patience are all key and certainly matter in the equation, but we are never able to see how weighted those influences are.

If you have anything you really want to do, whether it is a phone call you have been putting off,  a career change you have been contemplating, or maybe even going back to school, don’t wait in limbo anymore.  We won’t ever know what lies ahead and that is what binds us together.



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