Sunday 14 August 2011

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Study Human Behavior – Get A Psychology Online Degree

For me,  getting a degree in psychology sounds like one of the lost studies within all education.  Perhaps that’s because several new degrees are surfacing from our fast paced worlds of technology and social media.  Psychology as a study or …

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Online MBA – The Wave of the Future

I have a perfect example of why online MBA programs are the wave of the future.  How people spend their time is only becoming more and more of

Online Degrees: No One Gives It To You – You Must Take It!

As we slowly crawl out of this economic downturn, there is room for a new mindset.  People can be separated into two groups.  There are those who sit

Waiting On A Train That May Never Come: Get A Degree Today!

We are always waiting on something. We say, "as soon as that happens, then I can do this." I was

Why It’s Never Too Late To Go Back To School

I was rearranging my apartment one Saturday morning when the words screamed out from my television.  "Back to school.....back to school."  Adam Sandler made these words famous in

Online Education: A View To The Future Of Online Degrees

Jetpacks, hover boards, and even the possibility of walking on water are all things I think about when looking toward the future.  Perhaps in a more practical sense

Focus Not On The Past: Move Forward With Online Degrees

I firmly believe that so much of who we are has to do with the element of fear. There is an old saying that goes "if you always

Attention All Males: Get An Online Masters Degree In Nursing!

When I was in college I had a friend who got teased occasionally for the degree he was pursuing.  The movie, Meet The Parents, had just come out

Master Degree in Homeland Security | Program Overviews

Master of Science in Homeland Security While pursuing an M.S. in homeland security, students learn the skills required to respond to man-made or natural disasters. Homeland security master's degree

Trend Upward: Masters Degrees In Homeland Security

A good friend of mine was doing the daily grind for over 11 years when one day, he called and asked me the dreaded question: Are you happy?