Wednesday 18 January 2012

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Study Human Behavior – Get A Psychology Online Degree

For me,  getting a degree in psychology sounds like one of the lost studies within all education.  Perhaps that’s because several new degrees are surfacing from our fast paced worlds of technology and social media.  Psychology as a study or course may not sound as fancy as some degree interests, but like it’s definition, the science of behavior will certainly last as long as we do.  The question as to why people do the crazy things they do will survive fads, trends, time periods and advancements.  When you think about it, it’s as relevant and as universal as physics or math. As long as humans are here, we will be acting out for reasons we will always be studying.

I love watching the show Mad Men because it’s so complicated! There are layers upon layers of human emotion twisting themselves out in the form of behavior. I think it’s such a hit show because it proves, no matter the time or setting, when human behavior is reflected back at the living, we can’t help but notice some of the truths within ourselves.  Psychology is laced in all good forms of entertainment, business and consumer behavior, sporting events, politics and pretty much every other aspect that is capable of effecting our daily lives.  Just as chemistry is the foundation for the tangible, psychology is the foundation of people.

Online degrees make it easy for people to achieve in the areas they are interested in. Psychology remains as relevant as any course of study today.  Seeking a career in psychology has it’s benefits, too.  The average salary in 2011 for those with psychology degrees with an emphasis in neuro psychology is over $90,000.  Online degrees in psychology ultimately help you understand us.


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