Tuesday 23 August 2011

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Attention All Males: Get An Online Masters Degree In Nursing!

When I was in college I had a friend who got teased occasionally for the degree he was pursuing.  The movie, Meet The Parents, had just come out in the theaters and if you never saw the classic film, Ben Stiller’s character gets shelled  by a group of doctors for being a male nurse. Whether you blame it all on bad timing or not, had this movie not come out while he was in college, one still might have wondered why my male friend was so interested in this predominantly female nursing degree. We joked with him quite frequently about this but the truth was right under all of our noses.

You see, my friend Beau was interested in becoming a nurse.  He had a passion for it. But even he would be lying if he said there wasn’t an incentive attached to his pursuits. As much as he liked science, medicine, and the idea of nursing, he liked women even more.  As a matter of fact, when Beau got his bachelors degree in nursing and continued further to get his online masters degree in nursing, he found himself surrounded by women. So much so that he ended up meeting his future wife in class during a group nursing project. I saw the women he studied with and befriended along the way and needless to say, I stopped making fun of him immediately.  I even thought about this strategy myself a few times, but I just don’t think I was smart enough! Note to self and other males:  Get An online degree in nursing.




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