Wednesday 18 January 2012

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Online MBA – The Wave of the Future

I have a perfect example of why online MBA programs are the wave of the future.  How people spend their time is only becoming more and more of a priority.  Sooner or later, people start looking at their overall quality of life and either optimize a fortunate situation, or look to make a change from an unfortunate one.

My good friend, Eric, was doing the city grind that a lot of us eventually try at some point.  Instead of getting “stuck”, Eric came to terms with what really interested him and what he really wanted to do.  Like a lot of undergraduates, Eric felt as though he just got in line with getting his bachelors degree.

Unfortunately, college comes at a time when a lot of people are not ever really sure what it is they want to pursue.  When we get a chance to take what we’ve learned and apply it in the real world, a lot of us are shocked when we get there.  Is this really it? Is this what I spent all that time for in college, not to mention all the money?

Eric was an accountant for a large CPA firm and the days were getting longer.  He realized that he wanted to continue working with numbers but he also wanted something more reliant on building relationships with people.  A friend of his had been working at a smaller investment firm and told him how he loved his job.  He had learned about stocks and mutual funds and a variety of ways to manage portfolios thru his degree and series 7 training, but he assured Eric that the best part of the job was meeting with people on a daily basis.

Eric stayed at his job and decided to get an online MBA in finance.  It took a little longer because he had to work while going for it, but he went for it and got it nonetheless.  Today Eric manages a lot of portfolios and gets to meet his clients face to face.  He has a full understanding of risk management as well as futures and options trading.  He was able to learn all this online and continues to develop his skills on a daily basis.

Getting your degree has never been easier thanks to online education.  If you are thinking about making a career change or getting a new degree, why wait any longer.  Don’t look out the window and daydream any longer.  Get an online degree now!

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